THE PHILOSOPHY The Boris Bidjan Saberi brand fuses imaginative design and artisan tailoring skills. It is a testament to the creative power of clothing making, drawing on traditional craftsmanship and then evolving it to push boundaries with extreme experimentation. The result is both contemporary and timeless, a unique synthesis of materials, methods and messages that transcends seasonal trends.

LOOKS Saberi clothing is molded and sculpted according to the human anatomy, forming a 24/7 functional wardrobe that envelops and embraces the wearer. It is made to defy time and show its importance: long-lasting quality and resistance endowed with distinctive aging characteristics. Saberi means garments that are handmade and meticulously finished with the scars and character of real life. The Saberi collections speak the language of contemporary society. They redefine ready-to-wear through a conversation that flows from the designer to the user, transmitting the energy and context of each person who adds their voice along the way: the local suppliers of Barcelona, the artisans of the workshop, the stylists of the showroom. From these diverse human connections emerges a brand that is uniquely personal and universally meaningful.

SNEAKERS Everyday footwear with an extraordinary personality, the Boris Bidjan Saberi sneakers are made like no other. The lasts (anatomical shapes) used to shape the shoes are molded on Saberi's own feet, putting wearers literally in the footsteps of the clothing's creator. Based on this unique connection, Saberi constructs sneakers with MATERIALS, weaving vivid colors and sensual textures into fluid combinations.

ACCESSORIES Boris Bidjan Saberi bags, belts and other accessories exist in two worlds. They are both pose and purpose, a union of rugged practicality and fearsome style. By uniting form and function, Saberi accessories achieve a look that encapsulates and enhances the meaning of your existence.

SHOES Like the BAMBAS collection, Boris Bidjan Saberi's shoes are made with lasts (anatomical shapes) molded on Saberi's own feet.

PERFUME AND CANDLE All creation is alchemy. For Boris Bidjan Saberi, the sensuality of scent perfectly complements the tactile and visual stimulation of clothing. The journey to his own signature lines of fragrances began with an obsession. Captivated by ESCENTRIC MOLECULES 01 by Geza Schoen, which amplifies and enhances the wearer’s own pheromones, he contacted the German master perfumer. This sparked a collaborative process spanning more than two years of experimentation. The result was two fragrances that add ten additional notes to ESCENTRIC MOLECULES 01. The final number of ingredients, 11, has deep significance for Saberi and informs much of his work. Both TANN and ANGIR evoke elements of Saberi’s atelier and inspirations, from the musky and masculine notes of the tanning process in TANN to the ginger-cocktail fruit freshness of ANGIR. Saberi’s scents have been conceived to play with mood and ambience through three formats, Eau de Parfum, Candles and Body Wash.

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